Selena's Letter to Ariana

(written 2005)


My Dear Little Ariana,

I love you very much!

They will tell sad stories about me, but please do not look down-hearted, it will all pass over. And thus the good-natured ...before you were born your abuela, abuelo, and me all lived in Bogotá, Columbia. Life was very hard no money no food at times or shelter; however, I knew before you were created you’ll have a better life away from here. I'm sorry I can't be there to see you grow and become a beautiful strong woman but please understand I love you so dearly and wanted the best for you. When your father left us after you were born and your grandparents died, I was very lost with no one to help me with you.

Nights were very cold underneath the park tree and days were hells fiery; however, I never gave up. When we got to New Mexico I could not find work thus being homeless again. A mother’s love and willingness to give her child a life of prosper and happiness is beyond words. That burning desire in me is the same blood that flows through you. I love you very much My Dear Little Ariana.

It crushes me I cant hold you in my arms any more but god willing I’m always watching over you and I leave you with this book filled with prosper and happiness from within. Your a beautiful smart woman and when the time is right you’ll know what to do with this book.

I Love You So So So Much,

Always in your heart,

In loving Memory.