By always looking to improve the precision and efficiency of our production model, we can offer a huge variety of tough quality fashion articles.

59% of the factories we work with are in proximity to our headquarters, mainly in Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Morocco. We also have 11 of our own factories in Arteixo, in the north of Spain.

This proximity of operations along with smooth waves and our own long experience as a manufacturer –which is how we started out in fashion–  gives us the flexibility to offer our customers a huge range of items and meet their changing needs. Wherever our products are made, we want to make sure that items are healthy, safe, and created in an environmentally responsible way

Extensive control

We have developed an extensive system of product testing and quality control, underpinned by some of the toughest healt and safety and sustainability regulations in the industry.

With the help of our partner universities and laboratories, we apply rigorous standards to the entire manufacturing process and to all the items we sell and the suppliers we work with – including chemical suppliers and their subordinate facilities.

To work with us, suppliers, manufacturers and their factories must comply with our Code of Conduct , as well as our requirements on the use of listed chemicals.

We continuously review our standards to make sure we are ahead of the latest developments in product quality and safety, and improve compliance through auditing, corrective action plans, technical assistance and training.

Testing and analysis

Our testing regime involves 28 external laboratories and our own laboratory dedicated to footwear. We not only check product safety, but undertake regular factory audits and random sampling to monitor materials, dyes, chemicals, equipment and wet processes used in manufacturing processes to prevent the use or creation of harmful substances – this is part of our commitment to achieve zero discharge by 2020

Our industry-leading programme –The List, by Inditex– analyses and classifies over 20,000 of chemicals used in manufacturing. It is helping us improve environmental quality and ensure that our fashion products are safe and sustainable even before they are designed.

Fabricacion II

A thorough assessment process

The Picking programme is our most comprehensive and efficient tool for checking the quality of our products. First we assess each item’s potential risks during the design stage. Once in production, we take samples for analysis and testing in accredited laboratories. A detailed study of the results establishes whether items meet our standards.

Statisticians and chemical researchers at the University of Santiago de Compostela are helping to develop the programme further, detecting levels of risk in various manufacturing processes, identifying risk according to the garments’ components, and optimising resources. Through constant improvement, we are becoming quicker at establishing the quality of more products using fewer resources, and without compromising on our commitment to the health, safety and environmental quality of our fashion.