It's the biggest change to retail since retail

Why Choose Us

We believe that retail can reach its full potential. We bring together the best entrepreneurs - as investors, founders, managers and advisors - to develop world class companies. We know how to get things done here. We are a global powerhouse when it comes to technological retail development. We have been for years. We've got the smartest investors and designer minds in the world at our tier-1 research facility in New Mexico spending more than $350,000 in research and development each year.

Investment Retail Banking

Our investments are designed to assist companies in :

  • Shaping themselves into fundable entities.
  • Helping them develop a strategy to obtain the funding they need; and when appropriate
  • Providing introductions to the investment and/or banking communities

Our Mission

Over the years, our size may have changed, but one underlying idea has stayed the same – the customer is at the centre of everything we do. By working closely together as a single company globally focused on the key elements of fashion production - design, manufacture, distribution and retail- we brought our customers closer than ever to the products they wanted at affordable prices


Invest Grow

Maker a Difference


Retail Show Production

In keeping with the inspiration of your collection, we will conceptualize a press worthy show.

Public Relations Services

Working with you to develop the skills, communicate wow key message efficiently and succinctly

Media Out Reach

specific press targets with the tailored pitch and pursuing mditorial placement for features, and reviews

Social Manangement

We will identify digital opportunities that will help reach your taget and enhance your search engine relevance.

Digital Service

Identifying relevant bloggers far youn product whether that be a pirticular niche or specific city


Cutting Edge Design

In conjunction with the development of your collection. We create your brand's unique designs to be utilized on labels, hangtags, fabric prints, custom trims and all of your digital assets. We capture your finished samples in our photography studio before curating a custom website where your lookbook and shop will live.


Our team of cosmetic contract manufacturing specialists is equipped with extensive experience in many facets of the cosmetics industry to help solve any problem. Chemists, product development specialists, and packaging engineers work one-on-one with each client to create products that incorporate only the best ingredients. We offer retail -forward colors, know the latest trends, and utilize the newest and most natural raw materials.