Operating Committee

Operating Committee  provides a forum for discussion and aggregation of bulk power system operational issues and best practices in order to provide US Retail Corp stakeholders and staff with the collective and diverse opinions from the experts in interconnected system operations to help the industry arrive at informed decisions to improve reliability.

Areas that the Operating Committee and its sub-groups focus on include: customer service, innovations, mergers, overseas growth, and reviews of regional reliability procedures and guidelines. Representatives of the committees report to the Executives Board of Directors.

Joseph M. Whaley
Chairman of the Board III
Jeff Bradiky
Chief Human Resources Officer
Mark Rydell
Co-Head of Investment
Matthew Santiago
Chief Legal Officer
Keishi Banks
Head Of Public Relations
Thomas Nysaiha
Vice Chairman of the Board
Jonathan Persion
Chief Financial Officer
Robert Anthony
Head of Technology
Dan Sanchaz
Head of Investment Management
Clare Windman
Head of International Growth