Wake in Shine, Wear in Smart, Walk in Style.

USRC was born from the ambition to craft stylish, high-quality, life-enhancing apparel accessible to all. Today, the pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges underscore the importance of our mission.


We have ambitious sustainable targets for our key raw materials. Our move to innovative, organic or recycled raw materials is a key path to transform our industry, reduce our emissions and use clean energy and water.

Sustainable results 

We are delivering millions of looks without affecting the landfill with non-recycled fabrics and low quality materials.

Easy as wear, wash,
iron and repeat.

Wear in a day
Wash it with delicate mode
Iron and watch it straight easy
Repeat without loosening


The effects of climate change, human impact on nature, and dwindling natural resources affect us all. At USRC, we view fashion as a global force for good, which is why we're fully dedicated to transforming our industry. USRC serves as a catalyst for change. With a two-decade track record of prioritizing people and the environment, including our early adoption of the UN Global Compact, we're committed to taking bold steps forward.Partnering with leading scientists, environmental organizations, and experts across various fields, we aim to elevate our commitment and drive innovation in fashion, leading the way in industry transformation

We will phase out all single-use plastic to customers by 2023 and we are collecting in-store hangers and tags – reusing or transforming them into other items. All plastic bags have been phased out and we are promoting the use of reusable shopping bags while using 100% of the income from paper bags sales for environmental projects.

In addition, we encourage customers to drop off their used clothing, footwear and accessories at our stores, and we team up with organisations that reuse or recycle them. We are on course to have 100% of our stores powered by renewable energy by the end of 2022. Our energy efficient stores and our logistics centres have been awarded with the world’s most respected efficiency certifications.We are also developing a range of emissions-cutting projects across our distribution and logistics operations. Key initiatives include our association with the world-leading Clean Cargo working group and with the Arctic Corporate Shipping Pledge- an Ocean Conservancy initiative with load optimising efforts.