Our design teams of over 700 highly talented individuals translate the desires of our customers into the fashion in our stores.

This demands more than just raw creativity. It also requires accuracy, attention to detail, analysis, instinct, insight and simple human empathy – because our designers have to know and understand our customers inside out. To do so effectively they must sense changing trends and listen to daily feedback from our stores and sales teams.

With new styles arriving in stores twice a week, our designers must show extraordinary flair and ingenuity. It usually takes just 3 weeks from drawing board to store.

Underlying all these skills is the recognition that making responsible fashion begins at the drawing board. Our designers understand their role in delivering this and they make sure that our garments’ future life, in the hands of customers and beyond, is considered during the design phase. That is why, by 2020, 100% of our designers will be trained on circular design principles, as committed with Global Fashion Agenda.