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When it comes to our health, we don’t cut corners. Staying fit, eating well, and getting a good night’s sleep are all cornerstones of a well-balanced, satisfying life. Cotton can help with a couple of these. This fabric goes beyond just your favorite summer dress, and can help bring more ease, comfort, and simplicity to being fit and healthy. From your sheets to your undergarments and your workout clothes, cotton helps you stay comfortable throughout your day.

Cotton Helps You Sleep

There’s a very good reason why most people invest in good quality cotton sheets. It’s because cotton sheets are proven to help you sleep better, and it comes down to the fiber itself. Because cotton breathes, unlike polyester, it won’t trap heat underneath your bedclothes, keeping you cool during the night and making sure your precious sleep isn’t disrupted. A simple check of the fiber content label of your sheets can help you determine what it’s made of: 100% cotton sheets are a definite must, and luckily, they don’t have to cost a fortune. Check out our picks for the best 100% cotton sheets under $75.

Stay Cool in Summer with Cotton Clothes

We know the struggle of getting dressed during the summer, especially for work (where you need to conform to a dress code) or any event where you’ll be outdoors for hours. Our clothes get sticky, hot, and unbearable. A quick fix for this messy problem is to wear cotton. Cotton’s breathability keeps you cooler during the dog days. Cotton clothing also won’t produce static cling, and it washes out odor better than synthetics. For work, pair a white cotton blouse with a lightweight cotton blazer, to stay professional and cool as a cucumber in the office. After work, dress to impress with a cotton dress. You’ll look and feel amazing

Cotton Underwear Reduces Risk of Infection

You probably already know that cotton is the best material for underwear, but you may not know what your underwear is actually made of. Polyester, nylon, and other synthetic fabrics are often used to make undergarments, but these fabrics may hold moisture close to your skin, encouraging the growth of yeast and leading to infection. Cotton, on the other hand, breathes and absorbs moisture, keeping you dry and lowering your risk of infection. Cotton undies are definitely the way to go!

Cotton is Hypoallergenic

People with sensitive skin often have to be very careful about what kind of clothes they wear, and they almost always turn to cotton. It’s hypoallergenic, whereas synthetic fibers are much more likely to irritate your skin, whether or not you’re prone to allergies. Cotton’s natural—so you don’t have to worry.

Cotton and Exercise

Leggings are still our favorite kind of pants, soft and comfortable and oh-so versatile! They’re perfect for everything from exercise to work, and everything in between. A lot of leggings and activewear tend to be synthetic, which makes sense considering we look for stretch while shopping. But next time you buy a pair of yoga pants, check the fiber label for cotton blends.

Cotton-rich clothing (anything over 50% cotton) is perfect for exercise for a lot of reasons. First, cotton breathes easier, keeping you cool during exercise. Second, cotton releases odors easier in the wash, meaning your gym clothes won’t smell as much as synthetics do.

Cotton clothing is also softer, meaning less discomfort during a workout, and with a little stretch fiber added, they’re just as comfy! And for a purely stylish point of view, cotton leggings look less like athletic wear, which means you can wear those yoga pants from the gym to brunch and back again.

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